Dear Jon

Supreme Court May Review Affordable Care Act Again

2014 September 02.

Dear Jon,

Is it true that there is another Supreme Court case challenging the health care reform law?  Can you tell me how that case affects me and let me know about any other issues I need to know about so I can run my business?

Frustrated in Fresno


Dear Frustrated,


ACA & Seasonal Employees

2014 August 01.

Dear Jon:


I’m still confused about when or if I need to offer coverage to my seasonal employees.  Can you shed a little more light on this subject?


 — In the Dark in Delano




What Does the IRS Want to Know About Health Care Insurance?

2014 July 01.

Dear Jon,

I’ve heard all sorts of news about employers being required to report information to the IRS about the types of health benefits they offer to their employees.  I’m at a loss about how this works and when I have to report.

—Reaching in Reedley


Dear Reaching,

General Rule

Identifying Full-Time Employees for Health Coverage

2014 June 01.

Dear Jon,


I’m confused about how to comply with the large employer mandate in 2015.  We are a large employer and have more than 300 employees.  I know we are required to offer coverage to full-time employees, but how do I identify these people.  Help!

Panicked in Prunedale


Dear Panicked,