Dear Jon

FLCs and the Large Employer Mandate

2014 May 01.

Dear Jon,


We use farm labor contractors (FLCs) to perform all sorts of services on our farm.  I’m concerned about the large employer mandate and whether or not the employees that work for the FLC could somehow subject me to a tax penalty under Obamacare.  Am I concerned for no reason?


— Feeling Hoodwinked in Hughson


Dear Hoodwinked,


Conflicting Reports About Delays Are Confusing

2014 April 01.

Dear Jon,

On the news there is conflicting information about Obamacare and what’s been delayed.  I understand that the employer mandate is delayed again but what’s this all this hubbub about being able to keep my plan if I like it?  Does this apply in California?

—Hassled by the Hubbub


Dear Hassled,

Has the Employer Mandate Been Delayed Again?

2014 March 03.

Dear Jon,

Has the large employer mandate been delayed again?  If so, is the delay for all employers or just certain ones?  We have 75 employees and offer a benefit plan to our employees.  How will this affect us?

— Mad About the Mandate


Dear Mad:


The Large Employer Mandate has been Delayed for Some Large Employers

Small Business ACA Enrollment Off to Rough Start

2014 February 02.

Dear Jon,

Are the small business health insurance exchanges up and running?

— Wondering in Westmorland


Dear Wondering,


The short answer: some state exchanges and the federal exchange are open but the federal small business health insurance options exchange has limited enrollment options for small businesses.  Online enrollment is unavailable until at least November 2014.