WGAT Answers IRS Questions Regarding 1095 Form Filing

2016 March 22.

To help you answer any questions you may have about filing your 1095 IRS forms, please check out our materials to help you navigate through the process.

WGAT Participant Newsletter Winter Issue is Here!

2016 February 26.

WGAT Your Service is a quarterly publication for WGAT health plan participants. In this issue, learn about tax form 1095 and what you should do with this form if you receive it in the mail from WGAT or your employer. Also, the effects of sugar on your body and tips on cutting your daily intake for better health.

WGAT Participant Newsletter: Check Out The First Issue Here - Fall 2015

2015 November 03.

We are pleased to launch the premier issue of WGAT Your Service, a quarterly publication for WGAT health plan participants.  In this issue, you will find wellness tips and important information to help you in making the most of your next open enrollment. 

Monthly Health Bulletin: The Basics on Depression

2015 October 08.

Nearly 15.7 million adults and 2.6 million adolescents suffer from depression in the United States. Untreated depression can cause many people to have a lower quality of life and increased risk of suicide. Untreated depression can also worsen other medical conditions.