Latest Health Care Proposal Does Not Fit Ag Needs

2010 February 23.

Yesterday, the White House released a healthcare reform proposal in advance of the bipartisan healthcare summit on Thursday. Not surprisingly, the proposal suggests adjustments to the Senate and House bills. On many issues, the proposal incorporates much of the Senate passed bill with changes needed to secure support of House Democrats. Of particular note to Western Growers members, the employer responsibility provisions are strengthened.

"Contract with AG," Our Promise To Members

2010 January 14.

Last year was a challenging and tumultuous time for businesses and individuals alike – more challenging than almost any other year in recent memory. The political and economic events of 2009 affected everyone, including Western Growers. We dug down deep, reviewed and analyzed many of the ways we were doing things and we learned. One of those lessons resulted in a customer satisfaction survey because we learned that we needed to listen to our members better.

Health Care Reform: Ping-Pong

2010 January 05.

Members from the Senate and House of Representatives resumed negotiations today to reconcile their respective health care bills. In a break from tradition, rather than using a formal conference committee, Democratic leaders are expected to bridge the differences between the two chambers’ bills through informal negotiations.

Association Sponsors Health Fair

2009 November 24.

Nine years ago, Western Growers joined the Campesinos Sin Fronteras in hosting the annual Día del Campesino health fair to provide access to health care and improve the overall health status of the region’s migrant and seasonal farm workers. Once again Western Growers is a major sponsor of the health fair, which is scheduled for Sat., Dec. 5 at Friendship Park in San Luis, Ariz. The fair will feature free cholesterol, glucose, and blood pressure testing as well as free seasonal flu shots.