Work with Farm Labor Contractors? Beware of Non-Compliant Health Plans

2015 April 07.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act’s (ACA) large employer mandate requires employers to offer affordable, qualifying coverage starting this year. As a business person, you have myriad plan options available, and the choices can be confusing. Western Growers is here to help. 

Farm Labor Contractors: Avoid Pitfalls

Cedar Health and Wellness Center Open House -- April 22-24

2015 April 02.

You’re invited!  Make plans now to check out a Cedar Health and Wellness Center near you to see how Cedar can help your employees and dependents.

Cedar Health and Wellness Centers are general and family practices. All WGAT participants ages two and older can go to a Cedar Health and Wellness Center for symptoms of cold and flu, routine physicals, pap smears, immunizations and more.

Participants appreciate Cedar’s cost savings like $5 copayments, plus the personal, bilingual care available to them.

Monthly Health Bulletin: Physical Exercise

2015 April 01.

Along with a healthy diet, exercising on a regular basis is a crucial factor in maintaining your overall health.

Can Multiple Plans be Offered?

2015 April 01.

Dear Jon,

I have a question about health insurance for our employees:  We had to get a plan for all the employees and we already had a plan in place for our full-time crews.  Can we still maintain those plans for the full-time employees and offer the new employees the new plan?

Multiple Plan Problems in Prunedale


Dear MP3,