Health Advocate: Summer Safety

2015 July 01.

Don’t let your summertime fun get interrupted by health problems! In this issue, you will learn how to protect your skin from the sun, stay well-hydrated, reduce your risk of injury or illness while exercising outdoors, and more.

Health Advocate: Summertime

2015 June 01.

While you enjoy the fun and sun that summer brings, don’t forget to keep your health top of mind! In this issue, you will learn how to host a healthy barbecue, tips for running a race, ways to manage stress, and more. 

Register Now -- Affordable Care Act Webinar June 10

2015 May 28.

Don’t get behind in tracking the necessary information to fulfill the reporting and compliance requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

What is IRS Health Care Coverage Reporting?

Under the ACA, large employers are required to offer health care coverage to full time employees or potentially pay a tax. But that is only part of your ACA obligation.

Problems With Your Health Plan? Or Your FLC’s Plan?

2015 May 19.

Are you wondering if your company’s health benefits are in compliance with new Affordable Care Act rules? Do you work with a farm labor contractor (FLC) whose benefits sound a little too good to be true? If you think that doesn’t matter for your business, you should think again. Either way, you need to know how to protect your company and stay in compliance with the law to avoid costly tax penalties.

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