Population Health Management

Help your employees improve their health and reduce health care claims for your business by implementing a population health management program.

Population health management programs, also known as disease management programs, are designed to keep a disease from becoming more severe by preventing the decline of a participant’s health. 

Nurses trained in disease management work to

  • ensure patients are taking appropriate medications as directed by their doctor
  • make sure patients go to the doctor for exams on a regular basis
  • coach patients to develop and manage new behaviors and routines to maintain health. 

For example, by treating and managing high blood pressure and high cholesterol early and regularly, people may be able to avoid heart attacks, strokes or diabetes.

Our population health management programs include hypertension, asthma, diabetes, high cholesterol, smoking cessation and weight management. We can work with you to develop a program for your employee group to engage them in the health management process and work with providers in a coordinated effort to improve overall health.