Western Growers Assurance Trust (WGAT) is an organization rich in history and based on the fundamental mission of our parent company, Western Growers: to enhance the competitiveness and profitability of our members. Founded in 1957 to provide a solution to a need in the ag community — health benefits that were not available from major health insurance carriers — today, we continue to deliver value to our members.

For more than 50 years, Western Growers Assurance Trust has existed solely to serve our members. We are more than a health benefits provider. We are a member-driven, nonprofit organization. Our purpose is not to make money but to serve your health benefits needs.

To us, you are not only a customer, you are a member and part of the Western Growers family. We care about you and your health. We care about the ag community. And that means we’re going to do whatever we can to provide the type of service you deserve.