WGAT Announces $0 Copays for Mexico Cross-Border Plans and Cedar Health and Wellness Centers

At WGAT, providing our members with high-quality and affordable health benefits remains one of our most important values, which is why we’re excited to announce some plan enhancements for the new year. *Effective January 1, 2023, our Mexico Cross-Border plans and Cedar Health and Wellness Centers will have $0 copays.

*These changes do not apply to the following health plans: 4100 and 41500.

About Mexico Cross-Border plans:

WGAT’s Mexico Cross-Border plans provide medical and dental services in major border cities in Mexico, where members can access quality care for much less than the cost in the U.S. Our exclusive network includes licensed medical providers and state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. For more information about our Mexico Cross-Border plans, click here.

About Cedar Health and Wellness Centers:

Our Cedar Health and Wellness Centers offer employees and their eligible dependents a welcoming clinic environment with low-cost, high-quality and bilingual patient care services. The clinic medical staff is carefully selected to ensure compassionate and skilled care. Visit our Cedar Health and Wellness Center page for more information about our provider services, convenient locations and flexible hours here.