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WGAT offers a wide variety of insurance benefits and services at a competitive price.

Full service, turnkey benefit plans

Medical plan coverage, including dental and vision

Highly customizable plans

Claims Processing


Billing and administrative services

COBRA administration

We put our customers first by providing onsite support and health benefits education.

  • Bilingual customer service (communications materials and field support)
  • Field offices in California and Arizona
  • Dedicated account managers
  • In-house service representatives
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Regulatory and compliance assistance

We’re here for you. With a network of offices throughout Arizona and California, we are proud to provide personalized service at the local level. Our bilingual team can help you manage your plan and visit your crew sites to help with insurance questions so your employees can remain productive at work.

We partner with Anthem and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona. WGAT’s expertise and the size of our membership equips us to provide savings on rates and claims, which we pass on to our members. If clients have employees or dependents outside of California or Arizona or are traveling outside of these states, they’re still covered through the First Health Network for non-emergency care.

WGAT provides health care through several Cedar Health and Wellness Centers so clients can manage their costs more effectively. Our Cedar plans deliver exceptional and convenient care with lower copays. Our Cedar plans have been an effective way for employers in the agriculture industry to offer basic health coverage and preventive care.

Services include:

  • Low copays and out-of-pocket expenses
  • Same-day and walk-in appointments
  • Minimal wait times
  • Immunizations
  • Preventive routine checkups
  • Health screenings
  • Pediatric care for children ages 2+
  • Bilingual service
  • Access to Cedar’s network of more than 5,000 providers

These plans provide medical and dental plan services in major border cities in Mexico, where participants can access quality care for much less than the cost in the U.S.

WGAT is one of the first exclusive networks to provide health care in the border cities of Mexico. This is beneficial to employees who may have dependents living in Mexico. Our facilities are state-of-the-art and offer an extensive list of specialty and diagnostic services. We hold the longest standing contractual relationships with providers in the border cities of Mexicali, San Luis, Los Algodones, and Tijuana.

Participants typically pay a fraction of the price for the same quality of care in the U.S. for medical, dental, vision, and prescriptions.

Our exclusive network includes licensed and insured medical facilities and providers. Our Mexico plans enable employers to:

  • Improve employee health while offsetting U.S. health care costs
  • Provide employees with richer benefits and more choices
  • Save up to 90% compared to what you’d pay in the U.S

Our pharmacy benefits management (PBM) services provide members with solutions to meet their unique needs. We have on-site licensed clinical pharmacists who conduct full reviews and work closely with members, doctors, and pharmacies. Our strong relationships give us the unique advantage to work within the health care team on behalf of the patient.

Our Health Management program provides personalized care management and wellness services. Our team consists of registered nurses, care coordinators, and licensed behavioral therapists, all of whom support and advocate wellness, prevention of uncontrolled disease states and the provision of the highest quality care.

We can customize our programs to offer incentives for participation.

Health Management programs include:

  • Asthma
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure / Hypertension
  • High Cholesterol / Hyperlipidemia
  • Weight Management

Additional support programs include:

  • Cancer Awareness
  • Mom-to-Be
  • Nicotine Cessation
  • Wellness

We’re also effective in utilization management and review discharge planning, clinical case appeals, provider certification, and quality of care to ensure that the least costly, yet most effective treatment is used.

Telemedicine Services gives clients the peace of mind of seeing a board-certified physician right away through their smartphone, tablet or any computer with a front-facing camera. The U.S. – based doctors treat hundreds of issues using a live, secure video chat and help treat the top reasons people visit urgent care and the E.R. Mental health counseling is also available. Telehealth physicians can send prescriptions to the pharmacy of your choice and can coordinate lab services as needed. Telehealth is more affordable than a typical visit to urgent care or the emergency room and is similar to a typical copay.

WGAT provides a variety of online tools that give clients and their covered employees convenient access to their health plan benefits.

Employees have 24/7 access to:

  • Benefits information
  • Provider directory
  • Update address
  • Request ID cards
  • Get claims details
  • Request duplicate EOBs
  • Verify deductible and out-of-pocket max
  • Customer support

Claims administration services are conducted onsite through our proprietary Health Claims Processing System (HCPS). Regional claims processing and service centers in Irvine and Fresno have direct oversight to review calls, audit claims and routinely check for accuracy.

WGAT is SOC1 Type II certified and HiTrust SOCII Type 1 compliant, designations issued by outside auditors. This includes an audit of systems as well as an audit of policies and procedures by verifying the correct policies are in place and being followed.

Beyond just a Trust, we continue to be proactive on the legislative and regulatory landscape and keep our clients informed. WGAT members also receive regular updates on health care regulations from our legal experts to keep them abreast of the latest requirements and help them remain in compliance.

In terms of influence, innovation and insight into the marketplace, no organization looks out for agriculture more than we do.

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“I’ve worked with WGAT for over 24 years because of the excellent service they provide. Insurance can be confusing, but WGAT instills confidence in what they do. I know I can go to them to get questions answered in a very professional, timely and friendly way. They worked hard to find a solution for our needs—one that has worked well with our business and saved us money. It helps to have people to go to who you can trust – I don’t know what I’d do without Western Growers!”

Mary Esteves
HR Administrator, Stewart and Jasper
Newman, CA