Obama Administration to Change Health Care Plan Waivers

2011 June 23.

The Obama administration announced a change June 17 to the manner in which it will accept applications for waivers of health care reform from mini-med plans. Mini-med plans are those with low annual health benefit coverage maximums, such as a $10,000 annual maximum, and include many of the plan options offered by Western Growers Assurance Trust. Plans now have until Sept. 22, 2011 to apply for a waiver that will carry through to 2013. Plans are currently required to apply for a waiver 30 days prior to their plan’s renewal date.

Five Reasons Individual Health Insurance is Gaining Popularity

2011 April 01.

It can happen without warning—a broken leg, an unexpected hospital stay or a Medicare plan that doesn’t cover every medical service needed. Life is unpredictable. Without health insurance or adequate health insurance, medical bills can mount and take a chunk out of the old wallet.

Workshop: Health Care in the Era of Reform

2011 March 10.

Health care is the topic of discussion at a March 18 meeting hosted by Western Growers and the State Bar Agribusiness Committee. Federal health care reform has left many to wonder how the historic law will affect businesses in the agriculture sector. WG will give attendees the rundown on the law as well as consequences on farm worker health. Three speakers from WG will headline the event including Jon D. Alexander, WG’s compliance counsel; Jason Resnick, WG’s general counsel; and Jasper Hempel, WG’s senior vice president of insurance services. The meeting is from 10 a.m.

Health Care Reform 1099 Repeal Clears House

2011 March 08.

The U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation to repeal 1099 reporting requirements in the Affordable Care Act. The House approved House Resolution 4 last week with strong bipartisan support, 314-112. Seventy-six Democrats joined Republicans in passing this legislation. The 1099 reporting requirements would require businesses to issue 1099s to vendors with whom they have more than $600 in transactions per year. Western Growers urges the Senate to quickly move on 1099 repeal legislation and send to the President for his signature.